Dungeon of my inner world

The attempt to map the inner workings of my mind, became quite an adventure.



JHU Comics: A Great Comic Shop Experience in New York City

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Nick Purpora (the owner) of JHU Books, a fantastic store in New York City.  We discuss the comic book business, what makes a great comic book store and some tales of some classic comics.


ARF: Alternate Reality Fatigue

I’ve recently been asked to contribute to a great new blog called “Nerdgoblin” – its a hub of all things nerdy and gobliny.  Please read my first contribution about my current feelings about the state of modern comics and storytelling.


Star Trek DS9: Sacraments of Fire

I review a Star Trek novel called Star Trek DS9: Sacraments of Fire.  The novel is a fun read but its reads like picking up in the middle of a season of the show.  Check it out here at Nerdgoblin –



Samsung SSIC

On the last Spring of 2013, Samsung SSIC group reached out to RFI to help the prepare a site for a press conference they were doing in June.  The SSIC group of Samsung is responsible for the innovative development of new products.  Products that will not see be in the market for 2-3 years.  The highly sensitive materials needed to be packaged for the purpose of attracting new recruits, partners in the medical wearable vertical and companies looking for venture capital.  The site needed a crisp innovative design which helped promote Samsung as a leader in the innovation space.




MetLife GTO

In the Fall of 2013, I started working at Ruder Finn Interactive. My first assignment was to work on an aggressive site launch for the Technology arm of MetLife. MetLife works with RuderFinn on establishing themselves as a progressive technology group.

RFI was responsible for developing an external facing site with the propose of recruiting developers as we as a internal site for team communication, integrating SiteCore functionality for team use and boosting employee engagement with a photo-challenge.


Toyota Corporate Site

In the Fall of 2012, 360i merged with Denstu North America and we began working on the enterprise development for Toyota Corporate Site.  A large endeavor with multiple teams of stakeholders, we first reskinned the existing site, injected new CSS into the existing site to meet the relaunch of the Toyota Sales site.  In conjunction, 360i developed a new User Experience, based on what was established on the Toyota Sales Site.  We followed the traditional software development cycle for the beginning of the project, but then moved to  a more agile approach once the general ux and design was signed off on.  I was the production lead, working closely with the account team, user experience developers, technical director, creative director, copywriters and managing multiple producers.

Once the development started, we moved into a more agile production method, developing each section as content was being written, designed and approved.  The entire project took over a year to produce and at times included more than 20 team members.




Integrated Producer – 360i: Oscar Mayer’s Great American Bacon Barter

In the summer of 2012, I produced The Great American Bacon Barter. We sent a man across country with 2000 pounds of bacon. He had no currency, no credit cards, no cash – only bacon. He used twitter to find places to stay and crazy activities. We sent a video crew out to tape the whole thing. The results were a huge success. The results: Over 330 million earned impressions.

My role in this project was as Senior Digital Producer, running to production, managing the road team, setting up internal and client reviews, interfacing with the legal teams, creating the scope and the SOW and generally keeping it together.

Not only did we get great press but the campaign was identified as a main reason, 360i was nominated Agency of the Year and Best Agency for Social Media in the 2012 iMedia awards.

* CLIO Awards (Shortlist) – Social Media
* SABRE Awards – Food & Beverage – Gold
* New York Festivals – PR/Social Media – World Silver Medal
* One Show Interactive – Merit Award
* New York Festivals – Community Apps – Shortlist
* Shorty Awards – Best Use of Social Media In Real Life – Finalist
* Digiday Awards – Best Branding Campaign – Finalist

Here’s some of the press:
Ad Week – Top Ten Commercials of the week
Creativity Online – Oscar Mayer: Bacon Barter
New York Times Blog: Media Decoder
Mashable – Man Drives Across USA, Only Uses Bacon As Currency
Huffington Post: Bacon Barter: Oscar Mayer Campaign Has Actor Josh Sankey Using Only Pork As Currency
SF Weekly – Man Travels Across Country with No Money, Only Bacon

Check out the recap video here: The Great American Bacon Barter

Photo: Madison Park Dec 2011

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Photo: Madison Park Area Dec 2011