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The Right Disposition for the Job

Earlier in my career, I worked as an animator and a designer for years.  I found that I was constantly struggling with aspects of it, mostly concentrating on working in front of the computer for 8-12 hours at a time.  I was starting to get carpal tunnel in my wrists.  I also found myself just …

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Dungeon of my inner world

The attempt to map the inner workings of my mind, became quite an adventure.  

Photo: Madison Park Dec 2011

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Photo: Madison Park Area Dec 2011

Action Method…. get it together

I have tried it all, I have many pads of paper with thousands of lists of things to do.  I have tried Outlook tasks, I have read and applied GTD. I downloaded task x, get the milk, you forgot the milk, and many other Productivity apps for tasks lists. I have one that I am …

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Photo: Empire State of Mind

On my walk home from my job, I would take a picture at the corner of 30th and 5th Avenue everyday. Here are the best. Enjoy – click on the image for a bigger view

Photo: Empire State Building 10/6/10

Location:33 & 5th NYC

Photo: Empire State Building 10/5/10

Location:30th & 5th ave, NYC

Photo: Empire State Building 10/4/10

Photo: Empire State Building 9/30/2010

Location:30th & 5th, New York, NY