Toyota Corporate Site

In the Fall of 2012, 360i merged with Denstu North America and we began working on the enterprise development for Toyota Corporate Site.  A large endeavor with multiple teams of stakeholders, we first reskinned the existing site, injected new CSS into the existing site to meet the relaunch of the Toyota Sales site.  In conjunction, 360i developed a new User Experience, based on what was established on the Toyota Sales Site.  We followed the traditional software development cycle for the beginning of the project, but then moved to  a more agile approach once the general ux and design was signed off on.  I was the production lead, working closely with the account team, user experience developers, technical director, creative director, copywriters and managing multiple producers.

Once the development started, we moved into a more agile production method, developing each section as content was being written, designed and approved.  The entire project took over a year to produce and at times included more than 20 team members.


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