Photo: Madison Park Area Dec 2011

Producer: Grey – Canon Project Imagination

For Canon, I produced the Project Imagin8tion Youtube channel (link) as well as Banner ads with the Grey’s development team. Also for Canon, I produced a Facebook tab for Canon Pixma Pro Printer (link) with Eleet Technologies.

team size: 14
agency: Grey NYC
city: New York, NY

Producer: Grey – Hess Toy Truck Campaign

Fall 2011: At Grey and contributed to the production and successful launch of the Hess Toy Truck Campaign.  

This campaign has included an iphone, ipad, android and Facebook Game: Hess Racer: Link

Send your friends, messages on the the Hess Snow Writer Facebook app: Link

And a Banner campaign with Undertone, Media Mind and Maxus.

Other deliverables included producing video files for the ABC supersignin Times Square.

team size: 10
agency: Grey Advertising, NY
city: New York, NY

What is HTML5, you ask…

Here’s a good primer article on HTML5, in case anyone is curious about the hoopla.

Producer: Thumbs up Cali! WAP Mobile Game for Blue Shield of California

I produced this mobile game for Android, iphone and ipad.  Creative direction came from Taxi-NYC and we developed with MeteorUSA in California.  The user can go on a treadmill and then race across 4 California landmarks.  There is a leader board to record high scores and you can use share the fact you burned 2.76 calories with your friends on Facebook.

Extra design support from Aaron at

Get on your smartphone and burn a calorie!

team size: 7
agency: Taxi-NYC
city: New York, NY

Producer: Blue Shield of California/TAXI-NYC Facebook Tab

We don’t want you to just like us, we want to earn your like….

Health Insurance companies, by their nature, aren’t well liked.  So, when Blue Shield California came to Taxi-NYC with the desire to have a Facebook tab, Taxi responded with a different take on things.  BSC should earn a person’s like.  I produced a series of 8 videos where Bennie acts as an MC.  He appears in an infomerical, hypnotizes the audience, spoofs dragnet and delivers Blue Shield of California’s proof points, through humor and fun.

Produced over a few months, this facebook tab houses 6 initial videos, video interstitials between the main videos as well as a “like gate” or a reveal tab which gives FB users access to a funny response as well as an outtake video.

We received extra-ordinary support from the good people at Visual Goodness and Sonic Union.

Please check it out and “Like” us on Facebook today.

team size: 7
agency: Taxi-NYC
city: New York, NY

Producer: Estee Lauder / Bobbi Brown Facebook Tabs

Bobbi Brown was the first of Estée Lauder’s brand to have the tabs of their Facebook pages hosted within an iframe with a drupal backend.  This solution allows for easy and quick updates to the brands Facebook content at an affordable cost.  This was the first steps towards developing a white label Facebook content solution for Estée Lauder,

This simple solution is being rolled out over the 26 Estée Lauder brands and will bring a net savings to the company of approximately 3 million dollars a year.

The Facebook tabs contains how to tips with links to the e-commerce site, youtube videos and a comment feed.

My role in this production was to over see the technical and creative production as well as to make sure the team was working in such a way that allowed the solution to be easily converted to a white label solution for the entire corporation and brands.

team size: 7
agency: Estée Lauder
city: New York, NY

Producer: Estee Lauder / Bobbi Brown Concealer Brush Promotion

This mini-site for Bobbi Brown was rich in features and has a very quick in turn around.  The make up giant’s sitelet featured an interactive event listings for live events held over a six week period in several worldwide locations, an interactive calendar and map, a sweepstakes, and share functionality.  The twitter feed displayed any tweets about BobbiBrown and was moderated by the Brand using Tidytweets, a third party tweet moderation application.

The promotion was very successful and the development team remained prepped to pull the promotion off the Bobbi Brown site at a moments notice in case promotional supplies were running out.

The truly exciting part was that the team pulled this site together in less than one week.

Team size: 5
agency: Estée Lauder
city: New York, NY
year: 2011
role: Director of Digital Production

Action Method…. get it together

action method - great task organizer

I have tried it all, I have many pads of paper with thousands of lists of things to do.  I have tried Outlook tasks, I have read and applied GTD. I downloaded task x, get the milk, you forgot the milk, and many other Productivity apps for tasks lists.

I have one that I am sticking with.  I have actually used it for almost 3 months now.  That, my friends is a solid relationship, its definitely serious, so I think I need to tell my friends.

I love Action Method.  The application, the website, they even have an AIR desktop app.

What is it?  Why do I love it? And why do I spend $9 a month to use it?

Simply, because I use it…. I have stuck with it.  When my 30 day trial ran out… I had to sign up for it!

What does it do?  It is a simple straightforward tasks list.  You can set up deadlines, products, subprojects, change their colors, delegate tasks to others.  It syncs to your phone, your account.  Its great, its beautiful and it has stayed with me.
Can it do more, sure… I have some issues with having to reassign projects to a task when you are creating tasks within a project.  But, these are small annoyances, not show stoppers.

Every morning, I get an email in the AM, with my list of due tasks from Action Method.  Its a good friend to have.

Producer: Cartoon Network – Hall Of Games Mega Viewing Party

One of the last projects I produced with Funny Garbage is a flash based multi-purpose video-streaming, gaming, and chat application designed to capture the attention of all those people out there who watch tv while surfing the Internet, chatting on line, and maybe even playing a game (aka “multi-taskers”).  There are lot of people out there with one eye on the computer, one on the TV, and a couple thumbs on a game, so this app gives Cartoon Network the ability to capture the attention of this large audience in one location.

The Mega Viewing Party is designed to be available during a Broadcast event as a simultaneous user experience. This innovative application interfaces with a Smartfox server which we used to create not only a multi-player user experience where you can watch videos, chat with friends, play 4 custom built games – the user can also participate in polls.  The cool thing about Smartfox is it allowed us to design the app to display the game winners in each chat room – as well as show the poll results – instantly.

We designed the application so that it detects the user’s location in order to direct them to either the East Coast or West Coast Broadcast, and also created it to be easy to update, allowing for last-minute on-air changes.

During the recent the Live television broadcast of Hall of Games award show, MC Tony Hawke gave a shout out for the kids to go to the Mega Viewing Party on the Cartoon Network site, chat with their friends and play some games!

agency: Funny Garbage
city: New York, NY
year: 2011
role: Senior Producer
team number total: 7

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