Photo: Empire State of Mind

On my walk home from my job, I would take a picture at the corner of 30th and 5th Avenue everyday. Here are the best.

Enjoy – click on the image for a bigger view

Producer: Sesame Workshop – “What’s the Story?” Electric Company Season 2 Game

Produced with Funny Garbage, this flash application lets children to answer who, what , where, why and how questions and “Choose your own adventure”.  The resulting choices play a video based on their answers with the Electric Company Characters.  Six version of this game were created.  This game was created in flash, integrated into the PBS game scoring system and can be updated with only XML to create new versions.

Play The Game!

agency: Funny Garbage
city: New York, NY
year: 2011
role: Senior Producer
team number total: 4

Producer: Cartoon Network – Sudden Death

Produced with Funny Garbage, this series of 15 fast-paced win/fail games, was designed and developed under a quick time table to promote Cartoon Network’s Hall Of Games Award Show in February 2010.

Games were created in Flash and tie into the Cartoon Network’s Badge Award System

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Sudden Death!
Tackle Him!

Project Management for Drupal

What do I do for a living? Jeez, how do I explain it… wait, here’s a great article going through all the steps of my job.

Drop box, how I love thee

I recently got turned onto dropbox.

Its creates a desktop folder which you can sync with all your computers or your iphone. You can share folders with friends and open files on your phone.

Open pdfs in ibooks.… its really awesome.

Here’s a list of drop box hacks – using it as your documents folders… syncing itunes over multiple computers, etc.

Here’s another list of hacks, some of those overlap with the first link, but a couple new ones.

Photo: Empire State Building 10/6/10

Location:33 & 5th NYC

Photo: Empire State Building 10/5/10

Location:30th & 5th ave, NYC

Photo: Empire State Building 10/4/10

Photo: Empire State Building 9/30/2010

Location:30th & 5th, New York, NY

Empire State Building, July 2010

Location:New York, NY