Project Management Interview

Please check out my interview with Dave Prior of Project Wizards and the Drunken PM blog. We talk about how I used social media to get my current gig at Funny Garbage and what I do for a living.

Mapping my Mind, My Mind Mapping

Maybe it’s the face that I am a double Capricorn… but I have to confess, I love mind-mapping software. I recently purchased the iThoughts application software on my iphone. And I have been happily creating complicated mindmaps on my iphone… maps of my dreams, my 92 item to do list, work lists, plans for career development, websites, plans of actions… you name it!
And I emailing them as outlines, pngs or transferring freemind files to my desktop!
Freemind is a free javabased mind-mapping software. Its not as sexy as iThoughts, but it does the job.
I am happy and more organized. I love good tools!

Why oh Why Blog

A couple of years ago I went to a design conference called Sahre Victore Wilker. Designers from all over the world came for the 5 day event. There everyone was asking and talking about blogs blogs blogs and it was all the trend.

Last year I went to a conference on entrepreneurs and people were talking tweet tweet tweet.

This article was written last year and it gives some great reasons why to blog… I highly recommend it.

The Mythical Man Month

I recently picked up the Mythical Man Month by Fred Brooks. Its not only a great read, but its surprisingly insightful.

It is touted as THE book on software engineering and project management, and I am finding it to be a great read and very insightful in regards to the creative process.

Here’s a link to the wiki article:

But I suggest picking up a copy yourself.

Dash’s Dance Party for PBS

Produced though Funny Garbage, this is an on line flash game, giving children the ability to play 15 mini-games, select dance moves, audio tracks and share the results with their friends.   Concurrently produced with a series of 15 sixty-second corresponding dance videos for broadcast on PBS.

Play the Game

Complete the Animal Mini-game
Curious George Get’s Ready to Dance
Its the Cat’s turn!

Learning Papervision 3D

Lately I have been asked to develop a 3D Aquarium. I know, not anything revolutionary in the world of the internet, but it is an opportunity to explore and learn Papervision3D and a 3D program. Two things that have been on my ToDo list for about forever.

After hunting around, I have found the Inside RIA site to be the best for free info. I’ll keep updating this as my knowledge grows.

I’m posting a few resources that I am finding to be very informative:




Papervison Cheat Sheet

My Face LOL

Hired by Perry systems to run a team of flash and .net developers, I produced for the client Make The Web Better. The application was launched in November 2010 and received a staggering 6 million hits in one month.  This flash-based application allows users to upload photos of their friends’ faces and place them on a series of Christmas-themed videos.  The user is then able to share the videos over Facebook or via email.

The great part about MyFaceLOL being a Facebook application is that it allowed the edited videos to show up in your or your friend’s feeds, creating instant hilarity and a ton of attention to the site.

After the initial launch we worked on a variety of holiday-themed videos as well as the ability to create moving mouths for future releases that would allow the user to lipsync.

The core flash engine was also adapted to be used for an application to personalize desktop screensavers. The user could select a screen-saver, upload his photos to the application and then create a custom down-loadable exe to their desktop.

agency: Perry Systems
city: Englewood Cliffs, NJ
year: 2010
role: Lead Flash Developer/Project Manager
team number total: 9

Ameren UE Interactive Kiosk

One of the most interesting and unusual projects I produced is an interactive kiosk for the Ameren Power Company.  On top of Taum Sauk mountain in Missouri is one of the largest hydro-electrical power plants in the world.  My company, Milkshake Graphics, worked with Signature Designs and two writers from the Museum of Natural History to create a flash-based interactive kiosk for installation in the Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park.

The kiosk application was created in flash with animations created in After Effects.  The purpose of the kiosk is to illustrate how the millions of gallons of water in a dam atop the mountain produces clean power and has minimal impact on the environment.  The kiosk describes how and when energy is created, how the dam was built, safety features and also local activities near the Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park.

The trip out to Missouri and the tour of the facilities was an exciting experience.  We toured the hydro-electrical dam while it was being built.  Standing inside the empty bowl, it was like being inside 10 Giant Stadiums. It was an experience I will not soon forget.

agency: Signature Design
city: Kansas City, MO
year: 2009
role: Senior Interactive Producer
team number total: 5

extended credits:
Contract Lead: Signature Design
Lead Designer and Project Manager: Therese McKee
Exhibit Designer: Kim Wilson
Interpretive AV Planner: Geralyn Abinader
Interpretive AV Planner: Karen de Seve
Animation Design and Production: Milkshake Graphics
Architects: Sutton Studio

vh1: Lords of the Revolution

When Vh1 decided to create Lords of the Revolution, a 5 episode mini-series based on revolutionary figures of the 1960’s, Milkshake Graphics was contracted for the challenging job of filtering through, organizing and animating hundreds and hundreds of photographic images.  I put together a team of animators and designers and began the two-year-long process of managing the design and of backgrounds for interviews and the creation of photo-animation of various historic figures and events.  The animation was created in After-effects in a “two and a half” D style for television.

Nominated for a BANNF award, the series covered revolutionaries such as Andy Warhol, Timothy Leary, Mohammad Ali, Cheech & Chong and the Black Panthers.  It was a rare opportunity to be able to work on a project of some social relevance and depth as this one.

Timothy Leary

client: Vh1
city: New York, NY
year: 2007-2008
role: Producer
team number total: 4